National Literacy Trust survey on children/young adult reading in the UK

The UK’s National Literacy Trust recently published its annual survey, which includes a significant amount of data regarding the reading habits of children and teens in the UK.

Close to 35,000 children and teens aged 8-16 were surveyed. There are the typical sometimes-depressing-but-expected results (23.4% rarely or never read outside of class, text messages and websites are the most commonly-read texts outside of class, and kids who like reading are much more likely to read above age level), but one highlighted result really stands out:

21.5% of the children and teens surveyed said that they would be embarrassed if their friends saw them reading.

I suppose I should be glad this number isn’t higher, but…God.

Link to the survey’s page at the NLT (with link to downloadable .pdf of the full children & teens report)

A Guardian article about the study


Allegiant soon!

Insurgent has taken a backseat to my honors-class-prep reading in the last month (booo) (except that I’ve now reread To Kill a Mockingbird and Ender’s Game, so only a small boo).

BUT…less than two weeks until Allegiant!

USA Today did a great interview with Veronica Roth back in September. Maybe it will help ease the end of your wait.

New bookless public library

…opened in San Antonio last month.

It claims to offer lots of “traditional” library services (computer access, classes, children’s story time, study space) and an e-reader program where the collection of 10.000 e-titles can be accessed and checked out. E-readers can also be checked out.

I haven’t personally made the jump to the e-reader yet, but for those who like reading that way…this seems like an innovative (lower-cost?) way to provide vital services.