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Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone!

A bit late: 6 TED talks to watch for Book Lovers’ Day

An awesome sci-fi/fantasy book flowchart (via Reddit)

Latin roots of Harry Potter spells!

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New Harry Potter cover art

I’ve kind of hesitated to post about this because I’ve been hrumph-ing about it, a) because this is a fifteen-year anniversary thing and I am Feeling Old, and b) I love love love the original covers and why did we have to do this and whyiseverythingaboutmoneythesedays.

But, well…they’re really pretty awesome, and if this truly does introduce a new generation of readers to the books…

USA Today’s slideshow of the new covers compares the old & new.

The Scholastic blog just sat down with Kazu Kibuishi about the design process.

On a kind-of-related note, a Maine public library was one of the 15 winners in Scholastic’s 15-year-anniversary Potter Party contest! They get all kinds of cool stuff, including a set with the new covers signed by the artist. Libraries had to submit applications for the contest: 

Taking inspiration from the series, hundreds of librarians submitted their ideas for Harry Potter celebrations designed to introduce a new generation of readers to the wizarding world. Librarians’ ideas include serving Harry Potter-themed food, hosting trivia contests, dressing up as favorite Potter characters, having live owls, house-sorting parties, scavenger hunts, Quidditch matches, wand-making, and classes from Hogwarts such as Potions, Divination, and Herbology.

Way to go, Fairfield!

Links cleanup

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