National Literacy Trust survey on children/young adult reading in the UK

The UK’s National Literacy Trust recently published its annual survey, which includes a significant amount of data regarding the reading habits of children and teens in the UK.

Close to 35,000 children and teens aged 8-16 were surveyed. There are the typical sometimes-depressing-but-expected results (23.4% rarely or never read outside of class, text messages and websites are the most commonly-read texts outside of class, and kids who like reading are much more likely to read above age level), but one highlighted result really stands out:

21.5% of the children and teens surveyed said that they would be embarrassed if their friends saw them reading.

I suppose I should be glad this number isn’t higher, but…God.

Link to the survey’s page at the NLT (with link to downloadable .pdf of the full children & teens report)

A Guardian article about the study