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Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone!

A bit late: 6 TED talks to watch for Book Lovers’ Day

An awesome sci-fi/fantasy book flowchart (via Reddit)

Latin roots of Harry Potter spells!

From The New Yorker: Why Teach and Study English?

From NPR: 5 Forgotten Classics Worth Revisiting


Ender’s Game movie goodness

There are few things in life that excite me more than when film adaptations of my favorite books hit the big screen.

Since Ender’s Game is in my top five…well. There is a lot of squealing around here.

As far as I know and have heard for as long as I’ve been a huge fan of the book (20+ years?), this film has been decades in the making for obvious zero-gravity reasons.

And it’s time!

The trailer. (SQUEEE!)

The studio’s new “experiential” promotional site.

The IMDB page.

Some controversy.

What else have you heard/seen around the Interwebs about the film?